Democracy Education

There is a struggle within the United States for the soul of the nation and the promise of democracy. Current tensions exist between forces of oppression, fascism, and greed and the forces of justice, unity, and equity. Institutions uphold these forces and the individuals who participate and maintain them. However, though often portrayed as indestructible, these institutions can be transformed by the power in the hands of the people. Power is the ability to achieve purpose and it is up to people to grab ahold of their personal and cultural spiritual power, their ability to speak for the group, to wield it as a tool against these forces of fascism and their manifestations within the country.

Preparation for this struggle requires education. It is necessary to be armed with power and the intellect and wisdom on where and how to utilize that power. Many recognize the problems present because of a crumbling democracy but lack the knowledge or ways on how to fix it. This is the reality of people from all generations, races, economic backgrounds, religions, cultures, etc. Protecting democracy is a long struggle and requires the crossing of silos, creating of circles and relationships for transparent conversations that lead to additional actions. In an effort to learn and educate, young people from the West Coast interviewed people from all backgrounds on how we can protect and promote democracy. Here are the videos from these everyday journalists, answering the question our reality presents us.